Blood Products Availability

March 14, 2023

Blood Products Availability is published biweekly on the AABB Newsfeed and in Weekly Report. This estimate is based on data from AABB's National Blood Exchange and is intended to complement the weekly Group O blood supply report. 


Strong national availability is meeting all known demand for platelets.

Red Blood Cells
Type A and type B-positive blood are readily available. However, meeting all needs for type O and Rh-negative RBCs can take up to a week due to high seasonal demand.

Frozen Products
Type O plasma is readily available. Sourcing 20 or fewer units of AB plasma requires several days due to longstanding limited availability; finding moderate quantities of types A and B plasma requires similar amounts of time. There is steady use of single cryoprecipitate. National availability is keeping pace with demand. Quantities of pooled cryoprecipitate continue to build slowly throughout the country, quickly addressing all known needs.

Seasonal Reminder
AABB's team of industry-trained professionals can help when inventory levels are seasonally low. AABB's National Blood Exchange is a partner benefit for all AABB institutional members in good standing.

Contact Rachel Maines (240.994.6702) or Tim Brown (240.994.6703) for more information.