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What's in CellSource?

Each month, AABB CellSource features:
  • BIOTHERAPIES NEWS: highlights and top stories from the biotherapies field
  • BIOTHERAPIES AT AABB: community and association news
  • AABB BIOTHERAPIES NEWSFEED: a curated monthly round-up of articles from the AABB Newsfeed
  • CELL NOTES: a monthly column by Christina M. Celluzzi PhD, MS, CABP(H), Director, Biotherapies
  • AABB MEMBERS ZONE: biotherapies resources and events for AABB members
  • And more!
Christina Celluzzi

Cell Notes

A monthly column by Christina M. Celluzzi PhD, MS, CABP(H), Director, Biotherapies

"Welcome to a space to note 'cell'-ebrations, inspirations, aspirations, observations, findings and commentary on a range of topics and activities in biotherapies. Some say that because I have "cell" in my last name, this was the reason I gravitated to things cellular, including "cell" therapy. But I think it was because I had a great cell culture professor at university."

- Christina M. Celluzzi PhD, MS, CABP(H), Director, Biotherapies

Certified Advanced Biotherapies Professional (CABP) Interview Series

In this article series, AABB interviews and highlights Certified Advanced Biotherapies Professionals. Read as they share what inspired them to pursue the CABP certification and how this new program will help address current challenges in the biotherapies field.

Become a Certificated Advanced Biotherapies Professional (CABP)

Becoming a CABP is a mark of distinction, establishing that qualified professionals have demonstrated – through a certification exam – that they have the necessary knowledge to credibly practice in the field of biotherapies.

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AABB Biotherapies Lab

AABB Employee Spotlight Interview

Meet the team as AABB interviews and highlights various employees across the association as they discuss their involvement within the field of biotherapies.

Andrea Michaud
Interview with Susan Leppke

Consulting Services

Become an AABB Corporate Partner

Increase corporate visibility, establish key relationships with decision makers and connect with your optimal audience while showing your commitment to advancing quality care for donors and patients throughout the world.

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Biotherapies Pavilion Participant Spotlight Interview Series

AABB interviewed some of the participating organizations at the inaugural Biotherapies Pavilion at the 2023 AABB Annual Meeting. Read below to learn more.

Biotherapies Pavilion Spotlight - Life Science Tennessee
Biotherapies Pavilion Spotlight -  Versiti


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