AABB Position Statements Address Proposed Policies That Interfere in Patient Care

April 10, 2024

AABB published on its website two position statements affirming the Association’s opposition to policy proposals that have the potential to compromise patient care.

In one statement, AABB opposes proposals that would establish requirements for testing or labeling blood for evidence of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines or COVID-19 vaccines. AABB also emphasizes that vaccine-related donor disclosure and informed consent requirements would create unnecessary barriers to blood donation and could negatively impact patient care. The statement underscores the safety of blood transfusions in the U.S. due to rigorous screening, testing and monitoring procedures. Finally, AABB explains how new, unnecessary blood donation restrictions could potentially disrupt the blood supply and negatively impact patients’ access to care.

The other statement addresses policy proposals containing requirements related to directed blood donation. AABB emphasizes the efficacy and rigor of existing donor screening protocols and infectious disease testing in ensuring blood safety and availability for all patients. The Association also highlights the crucial distinction between medically necessary autologous and directed blood donations, which are already widely supported by blood collectors and hospitals nationwide. Furthermore, it underscores the potential risks and increased health care burdens associated with medically unnecessary directed donations.

AABB invites individuals interested in staying informed about evolving state policies regarding blood donation to explore AABB’s Feb. 29 Hot Topic Discussion, available on demand to AABB members at no cost. AABB also urges those interested in supporting policies that advance the safety and availability of blood and biotherapies to join AABB as advocates.