May Issue of AABB News Focuses on Advances in Blood Products and Biotherapies

May 14, 2024

The May issue of AABB News focuses on advances in blood products and biotherapies. This month’s first feature addresses the rise of cryopreservation for hematopoietic stem cells during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers insight into how the process can benefit patients in the post-pandemic era. The second feature examines the future of platelets and new technologies for platelet preservation.

The May issue also reflects on the one year of individual donor assessment, a historic change in donor eligibility (IDA), and discusses how blood collection facilities successfully implemented IDA protocols and prepared their donor-facing staff for important conversations. Another article highlights blood collection during Ramadan, showcasing the holy month’s impact on blood collection efforts and how blood banks in Muslim countries adjust to optimally serve donors and patients. Finally, in this month’s “White Coats” interview, AABB speaks with Nour Al-Mozain, MD, CABP, QIA, about ensuring a safe and adequate blood supply amidst fluctuations.

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