AABB to Host Instagram Takeover During Cord Blood Awareness Month

July 02, 2024

In honor of Cord Blood Awareness Month, recognized each July, members of the AABB Cord Blood Subsection will take over AABB’s Instagram page on Thursday, July 25. The takeover will focus on how cord blood is collected, processed, and stored. It will also highlight the differences between public and private cord blood banking and showcase the value of accreditation. Furthermore, viewers will hear stories from patients who have benefited from cord blood transplants, underscoring cord blood’s life-saving potential. Follow along on Instagram using the #AABBCordBlood hashtag.

AABB encourages biotherapies professionals who are interested in cord blood to join AABB’s Cord Blood Subsection, which meets monthly to discuss donor issues for public banking (recruitment, consent, screening/testing), manufacturing, storage and transport challenges, licensure, international issues, and private and family banking issues.