Cellular Therapies Subsections Projects

blue cellsThe subsections are composed of AABB members interested in common topics in the Cellular Therapies (CT) field. Member groups develop an array of ‘products’ in each area to serve as resources for other AABB members and CT professionals that include − but are not limited to− examples of procedures and templates, guidance documents, points to consider, troubleshooting tips, as well as presentations delivered by recognized experts.

New ideas are generated continuously and translated into useful tools which will be posted as they are completed.

To view the materials, simply click on the subsection name to see a listing of these resources.

CT Current and Emerging Topics (CT-CET)

This subsection addresses topics surrounding the development and processing of cellular therapies including collection of cells from a variety of sources, manufacturing, testing, and strategies used in novel therapies and clinical practices.

Evaluation Tools

The resources listed below are intended as points to consider in evaluation of products and supplies in a systematic manner:
Validation Sample SOP (PDF)


Sampling of presentations from invited experts:
Cryopreservation and Post Thaw Methods (PDF)
Unproven Stem Cell Therapies and Stem Cell Tourism (PDF)
Crossmatch Pre-Transplant in Pts with Specific Anti-HLA Abs (PDF)
Challenges in Cellular Therapy Manufacturing (PDF)
Biopreservation-Stability in Clinical Workflow (PDF)
MSC for COVID Pneumonia - A Case Study (PDF)
cGMP Manufacturing for Cell Therapy (PDF)
Stem Cell Tourism (PDF)
Importance of Logistics in Cell Therapy Manufacturing (PDF)
Hematopoietic Chimerism - Present-Future Methods and Applications (PDF)
Implementation of Immune Effector Cell Therapy in Canada (PDF)
Stem Cells for Corneal Wound Healing (PDF)
Process Development Considerations for Cryopreservation of Cellular Therapies (PDF)
CT Translational Regenerative Rehabilitation Therapies (PDF)
Development - Validation of Rapid ALDH Bright-Based CB Potency Assay (PDF)
Human Platelet Lysate - Potential Uses (PDF)


Several members have published articles based on CT subsection activities:
Transfusion Practices for Bone Marrow Harvests: A Survey Analysis from the AABB Bone Marrow Quality Improvement Initiative Working Group
Use of Laboratory Tests to Guide Initiation of Autologous Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Collection by Apheresis: Results from the Multicenter Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Collection by Apheresis Laboratory Trigger Survey

Quality, Regulatory and Management Topics (QRM)

This subsection addresses regulatory issues, Guidance documents, quality program design, risk management, vendor and supply qualification, facility, environmental operational controls and how good management principles support these activities.


Sampling of presentations from invited experts:
FDA Assessment Review - Questions About Lab Assessments (PDF)
CBER Strategic Plan - Extracted Highlights (PDF)
Lookbacks That May Not Identify All Those At Risk (PDF)
Blood Center Considerations for Product Collections, Processing and Distribution (PDF)

Management Tools

Service Level Agreement (PDF)