On-Demand CABP Exam Opens Feb. 15

January 31, 2023

Individuals with approved applications for the Certified Advanced Biotherapies Professional (CABP) credentialing program can begin taking the exam on Feb. 15, when AABB will open the on-demand exam. After that date, the computer-based proctored online exam will be offered on an ongoing, 24/7 schedule. While testing does not begin until Feb. 15, candidates are welcome to submit their application at any time.

Those whose CABP applications are approved will receive an email that provides instructions on how to schedule their exam. Candidates must take the exam within six months of their application being approved. In addition, the exam must be successfully completed within one year of application approval or applicants are required to reapply.

AABB encourages biotherapies professionals who are considering CABP certification to read AABB’s recent interview with CABP Jose Cancelas, MD, PhD. Cancelas is a professor and director/chairman of Hoxworth Blood Center and its academic department in the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
He is also a member of the AABB Board of Directors.

In his conversation with AABB, Cancelas shares what first attracted him to a career in biotherapies, why he decided to pursue CABP certification and how the CABP certification can help address some of the current challenges in the biotherapies field.

Additional information about CABP certification is available online.