AABB is instrumental in making biotherapies safe, effective and available worldwide.

The AABB biotherapies community is transforming patient care. We are driving policies to ensure patient access, expanding coverage for transformative therapies, advancing novel biotherapies research, and increasing the supply and safety of biological products. Together, this community is leading the discovery, development and delivery of innovative outcomes.

Quality Systems

Quality Systems

AABB represents expertise in quality management systems relevant to biotherapies. These efforts include consensus-based standards, accreditation, and novel qualification products.

Accreditation for Biotherapies Services

AABB-Accredited Facilities

AABB Standards

Professional Development

Professional Development

AABB leads a wide range of professional development approaches designed to help members and the biotherapies community extend their knowledge and further their careers.

Certified Advanced Biotherapies Professional (CABP) Credential

Cellular Therapies Certificate Program

Flow Cytometry Practice and Application Course

Become a Certificated Advanced Biotherapies Professional (CABP)

Becoming a CABP is a mark of distinction, establishing that qualified professionals have demonstrated – through a certification exam – that they have the necessary knowledge to credibly practice in the field of biotherapies.

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AABB Biotherapies Lab
Access and Advocacy

Access and Advocacy

AABB provides current information, resources and interpretive guidance for biotherapies professionals, patients and regulators. These efforts improve patient access and coordination of the field worldwide.

Biotherapies Advocacy

Regulatory for Biotherapies

Cell Collection & Manufacturing Toolkit

AABB/ISCT GTP Interpretative Tool



AABB supports a wide-range of innovative projects fueled by expert membership, partnerships and industry leadership engagement and recognition.

Subsection Projects

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Terms and Abbreviations

Biotherapies News

Consulting Services

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What are biotherapies?

Biotherapies use cells, living (bio) organisms, components of living organisms, substances derived from organisms, or laboratory-made versions of those substances to improve health, treat illness, or disease.

Biotherapies can be organized in a few general categories, though continued research and clinical studies will likely lead to future expansion and further innovative applications.

Cellular Therapies, Cell and Gene Therapies, Regenerative Medicines, Other Biotherapies

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AABB: Leading Biotherapies Past and Present

AABB: Leading Biotherapies Past and Present

Partnering with AABB: Advancing Biotherapies by Accelerating Your Goals

Partnering with AABB: Advancing Biotherapies by Accelerating Your Goals



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