Justification Toolkit

Justifying Your Participation in the 2022 AABB Annual Meeting

This resource provides essential facts and tips to help you obtain your supervisor’s approval and get the most out of your meeting experience.

This toolkit will step you through calculating the cost of participation in the meeting, asking your supervisor for support, and customize the toolkit to fit your organization’s needs and expectations.

Inside the Justification Toolkit:

Benefits Worksheet

Focus on what supports your organization as return for the investment.

Education – learn the latest findings and best practices to integrate into your own work
Networking – make professional connections from the lab to C-suite
Insights – gain valuable professional knowledge on the latest hot button issues facing your profession
Innovation – Updates to the latest technology affecting your industry

Attendance Budget Calculator

Meeting expenses add up. The Attendance Budget Calculator provides a quick estimated figure to present to your organization’s leadership for approval.

Download the AABB Attendance Budget Calculator

Letter to Your Supervisor

Help explain to your supervisor the benefits of attending the Annual Meeting by customizing this sample letter to include details about how the meeting will allow you to attend education sessions that directly relate to your work. Be sure to include information that will show your supervisor that the meeting will be beneficial to not only you but your institution.

Download the Justification Letter

Follow-Up: Document the Value of Your Annual Meeting Participation

Be sure to follow-up with your supervisor by reporting on your meeting experience. The following checklist presents suggestions for follow-up with your supervisor after the meeting.

  • Review and identify educational and any other programs that are applicable and most valuable for your organization.
  • Attend those specific sessions first before attending others.
  • Write a short description of sessions attended that are identified as “most valuable” and identify any application for the business.
  • Document any client interactions, both formal and informal.
  • Document any competitive intelligence.
  • Write a summary following the meeting and submit it to your supervisor.