AABB Accredited Molecular Testing Laboratories

​​The Molecular Testing Accreditation Program provides a forum for laboratories using molecular methods to predict blood group antigens on red cells, platelets, and neutrophils in order to provide compatible blood and components for transfusion.

The list of AABB accredited Molecular Testing Laboratories specifies those facilities that have attained AABB accreditation for the purpose of testing for blood group genes in order to screen a blood donor population or to determine predicted blood group phenotypes in patients.

Accredited - An AABB assessor has been on the facility's premises and the facility practices were found to conform to AABB standards of practice.

AABB Accreditation Department

Email: accreditation@aabb.org
Phone: +1.301.215.6492
Fax: +1.301.657.0957 ​