Relationship Testing Annual Report


AABB regularly collects statistics from relationship testing laboratories in the United States and abroad and publishes this data, when available, in annual reports. 

The Relationship Testing Standards Program Unit is proud to present the following data obtained from the Relationship Testing Annual Report program.

The annual reports below present information regarding case volumes, trends and changes in technologies, and mutation rates for RFLP and PCR methods.

2013 Annual Report Summary (PDF)
2010 Annual Report Summary (PDF)
2008 Annual Report Summary (PDF)
2006 Annual Report Summary (PDF)
2004 Annual Report Summary (PDF)
2003 Annual Report Summary (PDF)
2002 Annual Report Summary (PDF)
2001 Annual Report Summary (PDF)

Note: Annual reports for years not listed above are not available, as insufficient data was available with which to complete the annual report for the period. 

Over the last several years, AABB has explored how best to provide the information in the annual reports to accredited labs. Some of that information has been made available via the RT Standards Portal and guidance, while other elements are captured in the RT newsletter. 

We also understand that the public and our community rely on this annual report, and we are working to deliver a new RT Report in 2021.