Standards for Relationship Testing Laboratories

Acquiring Standards

The print version, Portal versions, and bundle packages of the 15th edition of Standards for Relationship Testing Laboratories (both printed Standards and Standards Portal as well as printed Standards and printed Guidance), are available for purchase.

Note: The 16th edition is available for purchase in print, Portal and bundle packages here.

Standards Development

  • Significant Changes and Responses to Public Comments to the 15th edition of RT Standards are available.
    For a complete look at the significant changes that have been made to the 14th edition, please refer to the Guidance within the Standards Portal.

Accreditation Activities

The Relationship Testing Accreditation Program is based on standards developed by experts who serve on AABB’s Relationship Testing Standards Committee. The program provides for the assessment and accreditation of facilities performing relationship testing activities, assuring the public that the highest levels of accuracy and quality are used. AABB-accredited facilities are deemed acceptable by USCIS for immigration case reports.

AABB maintains a list of key resources for Relationship Testing facilities.