Become an AABB Assessor

The AABB Accreditation Assessor Program provides volunteer professional training in auditing techniques, quality program and operations, and the competitive, legal and ethical issues associated with assessments. With this training assessors are able to evaluate a facility’s Quality and Operational systems to determine whether the service they provide is appropriate and in control. The program provides both the assessors and the facility educational exposure to new ideas with regard to quality systems.


All AABB Assessors must be staff members at an AABB-accredited facility and must be active individual members of AABB. Review the Assessor Qualifications, Requirements, Responsibilities documents carefully to determine if you qualify.


New AABB assessors must complete AABB-led training and a training assessment before becoming Assessors. All AABB assessors are required to participate in at least two facility assessments per year, as requested. They must also participate in the continuing education program. Review the financial and time commitment information for details.

Submit an Assessor Application

NOTE: As of January 4, 2022, all AABB Assessors are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in in-person assessments. Please review AABB's Vaccination Policy Update for more information.