AABB Launches Individual Donor Assessment Resource Library

May 08, 2023

AABB is pleased to announce the launch of a new Individual Donor Assessment (IDA) Resource Library, comprising complimentary educational and planning resources for the community to prepare for the implementation of IDA protocols.  

AABB strongly supports the FDA’s draft guidance “Recommendations for Evaluating Donor Eligibility Using Individual Risk-Based Questions to Reduce the Risk of HIV Transmission by Blood and Blood Products” and believes that the forthcoming IDA protocols will improve the accuracy of risk assessment for all blood donors, while increasing the pool of eligible donors through the reduction of unnecessary deferrals and creating a more inclusive culture of blood donation. 

While the blood community awaits the final FDA guidance – expected to be announced in the near future – AABB is committed to helping blood collection facilities throughout the country prepare for the forthcoming changes to ensure a smooth and successful transition. The educational and planning resources available for free in AABB’s new IDA Resource Library are designed to empower our community with the knowledge and training necessary to achieve successful implementation. This includes understanding and appreciating the social significance of the changes. 

The new resources were developed in consultation with LGBTQ+ organizations and in partnership with Canadian Blood Services. The resources are consistent with FDA’s January 2023 draft guidance and should be considered for preparatory use only until the FDA’s final guidance is released. AABB will update all resources as needed after FDA releases new information in the final guidance. 

In the coming months, AABB will add additional resources to the IDA Resource Library. AABB also invites members of the community to participate in one of its forthcoming educational courses, which will also be offered complimentary. These courses are designed to help blood center staff members address potential challenges associated with the new IDA protocols, including communicating with and welcome new and returning donors from the LGBTQ+ community, addressing donors’ questions about new eligibility criteria, and building long-standing relationships with new donors. 

AABB invites members of our community to visit the new IDA Resource Library and make use of the available materials. AABB also invites members to share feedback and suggestions for additional resources that would help ease the transition to IDA.