AABB Accredited Out-of-Hospital Transfusion Services

AABB Accreditation Now Includes Out-of-Hospital Transfusion Administration Services Accreditation

As patient care moves towards long-term care environments and the practice of transfusing blood products outside of the hospital is becoming more common, AABB has developed a new set of Standards and associated Accreditation activity, the Standards for Out-of-Hospital Transfusion Administration Services.

The Out-of-Hospital Transfusion Administration Services Accreditation program was developed in response to the demand from AABB membership and shifts in the American health care system which are driving new models for the delivery of care.

With our 65-year history in Accreditation, AABB is uniquely positioned to develop Standards and a related accreditation program for this activity. AABB accreditation for Out-of-Hospital Transfusion Services will:

  • Recognize out-of-hospital transfusion service providers that are delivering high quality patient care in non-hospital settings.
  • Support the implementation of a quality system that promotes better communication between the transfusion service provider and blood centers.
  • Describe required actions for outcomes reporting, traceability and responding to transfusion associated adverse events.

Out-of-Hospital Transfusion Administration Standards ensure that patients receive the same standard of transfusion-related care and signal to blood suppliers that providers are familiar and able to meet AABB Standards.

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