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December 19, 2022

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Jay Lewis

AABB Congratulates Inaugural CABP Cohort

BETHESDA, Md. – The Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies (AABB) is pleased to announce and recognize the first cohort of biotherapies professionals who have been awarded the Certified Advanced Biotherapies Professional (CABP).

To achieve this designation, successful candidates have demonstrated their qualifications to credibly practice in the field of biotherapies by passing an exam that covered seven key domains of the field.

A total of 85 successful candidates have been awarded their CABP credential in the inaugural cohort. In addition, 29 individuals were awarded an honorary certification (CABP(H)) for their significant contributions to the development of the CABP exam. Those who have achieved this distinction can now add “CABP” or “CABP(H)” as a postnominal.

The CABP is the first certification for professionals in the field of biotherapies. AABB developed the CABP program in response to worldwide workforce shortages in the field of biotherapies and the challenges associated with identifying and retaining qualified employees. The CABP is open to biotherapies professionals throughout the world. In the inaugural cohort, 90% of awardees were from the United States, 2% from Canada, and 8% from elsewhere.

“This certification benefits the entire biotherapies field by establishing minimum standards of competence, identifying qualified and proficient professionals, and advancing knowledge, safety and quality,” said Debra BenAvram, CEO of AABB. “Certifying provides an opportunity for high-performing biotherapies professionals to demonstrate their commitment and competence, distinguish themselves from their peers, and position themselves for career advancement.”

In February 2023, AABB will open the second testing window for biotherapies professionals to take the CABP exam. Beginning at this time, approved candidates can take the online, proctored CABP exam on a rolling basis. Those interested in this opportunity are invited to review the exam syllabus, CABP handbook and eligibility requirements. Candidates who wish to pursue the credential may submit an application on AABB’s CABP web page.

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