AABB Biotherapies Corporate Member Program

Increase your speed to market with quality partners and expert guidance. Ease challenges faced by biotherapies companies including workforce development, quality systems control and regulatory support.

This unique membership type offers a pivotal opportunity for biotherapies companies to deliver high-quality solutions for patients – faster and at lower costs. Developed to cater to the need of biotherapy companies in start-up mode, at the commercial stage or in between, AABB’s new Biotherapies Corporate Membership aims to help fill the need for solutions that ease the pressures of rapid growth, high demand, regulatory adherence and consumer understanding. An AABB Biotherapies Corporate Membership will help companies achieve high-value results and expanded networks through:

  • Identifying geographically desirable suppliers with the right capabilities
  • Streamlining the supplier qualification process
  • Gaining assurances of trustworthy sources of regulatory information
  • Achieving workforce readiness and capacity
  • Improving speed to market for products

For more information, contact Margie Boraz at mboraz@aabb.org.

Margie BorazMargie Boraz
Director, Business Development

"From the very beginning of their membership, biotherapies companies will be provided with private onboarding and customized training with highly experienced consultants. The membership package includes a retainer package with AABB’s world-renowned consulting service team, which will not only help each corporate member connect with off-the-shelf benefits, but will also allow for customized services to meet each company’s needs."

Accelerate your journey to market. AABB’s proprietary, comprehensive site finder will make identifying and qualifying geographically desirable suppliers with optimal capabilities quick and easy. Connect with nearly 200 Cellular Starting Material (CSM)-Qualified facilities worldwide, all AABB-Accredited with recurring assessments every two years. Reduce your supplier qualification process, saving time and accelerating income during commercialization.

Benefit from essential resources and networking. Your company will receive five individual AABB memberships, providing full access to AABB content and communities. This includes an invitation to join subspecialty working groups, exclusive access to curated biotherapies library content and free global job board postings.

Access expert business innovation consulting. Members receive a $10,000 consulting service retainer with highly experienced consultants. The portfolio of services includes: Quality Management System Designs and Implementation, Regulatory Assessments, Process Improvement, Training and Development.

Build your brand visibility. Grow your brand with guidance and insight from a dedicated AABB account executive and widespread distribution of your profile through AABB channels, access to virtual expert speakers, and brand recognition on eCasts, virtual Science and Innovation Forums and at the AABB Annual Meeting. Corporate Members also receive two tickets to both the President’s and Foundation Receptions held at the AABB Annual Meeting.

Contact AABB’s sales team today. Profit from AABB’s years of Experience in Biotherapies and Blood. Whether your company is in biotherapy start-up mode, at the commercial stage or in between, our fees are tailored to provide your company with the flexibility you need to succeed.