AABB’s ZIKV Biovigilance Network Ends Operations

November 16, 2022

AABB’s Zika Virus (ZIKV) Biovigilance Network ceased operations yesterday, Nov. 15, in response to the Food and Drug Administration’s March 2021 decision to formally withdraw guidance that classified ZIKV as a relevant transfusion-transmitted infection (RTTI). Additional information is available on AABB’s website.   

AABB launched the ZIKV Biovigilance Network as a collaboration with U.S. blood collectors in March 2016 in response to FDA guidance that required blood donor screening and testing for ZIKV as an RTTI. During its lifetime, the network collected and mapped 889 total reports of ZIKV-reactive cases and 46 cases confirmed-positive donations from AABB member blood collection facilities. Additionally, data from the ZIKV Biovigilance Network later became part of the record considered by FDA when updating its testing and screening recommendations.  

AABB extends its thanks to the blood collection organizations that contributed valuable data to this platform during the past few years. Participating facilities can request a copy of the data they submitted by emailing hemovigilance@aabb.org.  

AABB’s West Nile Virus (WNV) Biovigilance Network continues to collect data on WNV-reactive blood donations as part of AABB’s mission to improve blood safety. WNV testing is still required by FDA to mitigate risk for transfusion-transmission.